vendredi 8 août 2014

Ode to Hastings #1

From the moment I set foot in Hastings, 
I think I immediately fell in love 
with this quaint sea-side town.

Back to the 24th of september 2013, I left my dear Limousin to travel by plane from Limoges to London Stansted, by bus from Stansted to Victoria and then by train from Victoria to Hastings (East Sussex). As I was getting closer and closer to Hastings, I was feeling more and more thrilled, this lovely feeling of total excitement, happiness, and a bit of apprehension as I was heading to a new life.

For the last few miles before arriving in Hastings, the railway follows the coastline with pretty beach huts and it was already heaven for me as I always found that the sea has a comforting and soothing effect. Living by the sea, what's even better than that ?

Very soon I started exploring this lovely town. Hastings was iconic for me as 1066 was the first landmark of British History I studied during my degree at university.

In Hastings, you have everything you need, the benefits of a sea-side resort, countryside, the Old Town with lovely streets hiding little gems, and a lively town-center with all commodities. 

My favourite place is West Hill because it offers the most wonderful view over Hastings. East Hill also offers a nice view, and an access to Hastings Country Park. 

Hastings Old Town is also such a nice place for a gentle stroll.

George Street wearing its Christmas suit

One of Hastings curiosities is the Stade where you can find Britain's biggest fleet of beach-launched boats. I always love to wander there, in this strange atmosphere, around the boats and the famous black net shops.

Even if Hastings beach is not the most beautiful beach you will ever see in your life, it is always nice to just sit on the pebbles, watch the sea, a stunning sunset and the silhouette of the old burnt down pier.

I really hope you enjoyed your stay in Hastings if you ever went there and I do really hope this article might convince at least a few people to come and spend some time in lovely Hastings ! 

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